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Choose from any of our recommended routes or put together your own with our certified guide-instructors from Stowe Mountain Bike Academy.  Rides range from 2.5 to 5.5 hours and may include a shuttle to maximize the best trail connection.

Mad River Valley Flow Tour

Combine the best of the Mad River Valley’s flow trails. Rides may involve a shuttle to get a bump or improve trail connections. The route will vary based on conditions, ride length and difficulty and may include Swell Hill, Evolution, Revolution and Goodnight Irene. Full day tours could add a lap on Amenta’s Way at Blueberry Hill with a jump in the lake afterwards!

mountain biking through Madbush's extensive trails

Mad River Valley Epic

This half-day or all-day tour features big vertical and challenging riding on a mix of technical and new school trails full of (mostly optional) jumps, ledges, and slabs. Routes may include technical challenges like Cyclone, Ridgie, Pusherman and High Plum, jump lines on Race and Bitches Brew, and a combination of everything on the famous Plum Line. Routes will vary based on conditions and ride length.

Blueberry Lake Cruise

This pleasant intermediate flow ride in Green Mountain National Forest includes a few big views, light to moderate climbing, and the option to step it up a bit with berms and smaller jumps on Amenta’s Way. Easily combined with a picnic, swim and paddleboard on Blueberry Lake right at the trailhead!

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